When you’re doing any kind of physical activity, your body’s temperature may increase by several degrees, so the temperature and humidity in a gym should be a little different than most places. Extreme temperatures and dehydration can seriously affect the entire workout and this is why gyms have to offer proper conditions to their clients. Smaller gyms can easily regulate the comfort level, but the larger ones can encounter certain problems when coming to satisfy all their clients. To find out more about this issue, read the article below and learn more about the ideal temperature and humidity for a healthy gym.

Temperature level

Whatever the surface of a gym may be, the appropriate temperature should range between 68 and 76 degrees Fahrenheit (20 and 26 degrees Celsius). Usually, the ideal temperature for doing aerobic, cardio, Pilates or weight training, is about 65 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit (18 to 20 degrees Celsius). Nevertheless, the temperature should increase in Yoga classes and pool area, the recommended temperature being between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit (21 and 26 degrees Celsius). When the temperature is higher than 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26 degrees Celsius), the human body may be in danger as it has to produce more energy in order to keep up with the blood flow and so you may risk overheating the body and having a heat stroke. On the other hand, a cold environment will affect the muscles as they won’t warm enough during the exercises and they will start to shiver in order to warm up. Usually, to maintain the ideal temperature in a gym and keep the clients satisfied, the management should consider a heater during the cold season that has an adjustable thermostat control and an automatic overheat protection. During the hot season, a very good option is the tower fan that will be able to cool down the air in the entire room and to provide excellent workout conditions. Also, the tower fan is silent and has all sorts of innovative features.

What is the Ideal Temperature and Humidity for a Healthy Gym Picture

Humidity level

In what concerns the humidity level in a gym, it should be around 40 to 60 percent for all types of physical activities. The level of humidity is extremely important when the body begins to sweat because the dehydration may affect your health condition and you’ll start to feel fatigue. Moreover, the dehydration usually causes cramps and increases the heart rate. On the other hand, a very humid place will make you feel sick because your body will not be able to keep cool. Therefore, in order to control the humidity level, a gym should have a humidifier or a dehumidifier, as appropriate. If the humidity level is too low, a very good choice is a humidifier that is specially designed for a gym’s space. It will add moisture to the air and will prevent dryness. In addition, you’ll have to drink fluids and maintain your body hydrated, because you will lose a lot of water. If the air humidity exceeds 60 percent, then the dehumidifier will be perfect for restoring the comfort and for eliminating the odors.