Kids have a lot of spare time on their hands and not using it for something productive means wasting their energy and potential, so it’s best to find them fun activities that will keep them busy. From interesting games that enhance their imagination to pleasant hobbies that develop their skills, kids should have plenty of activities to choose from in order to stay focused. This list of fun activities will help you choose the one that is appropriate for your child.
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Small children need to develop their instincts and to learn how to coordinate their hands and eyes so you should attract them towards simple yet educational activities. For example, you can fill a box with small Lego pieces that they can’t choke on and ask them to sort the pieces according to color. Or, you can ask them to connect various shapes to the right items so they will distinguish triangles, circles, or squares. Bigger children can be attracted to this game by using colorful candy they can sort and eat a few at the end of the task.


Children who are just learning numbers or the alphabet can learn new things through games that involve both fun and education. For example, you can draw letters on some cards then cut out items that start with the letters so the child can match the two. You can also try with number cards and picture cards that resemble the numbers so the child will match the right number to the picture that shows the exact number of items.
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You can keep the child busy by coloring but not the usual way that implies papers and pencils but in a more fun and innovative way. Give them a large paper and some liquid paints so they can use their hands to create drawings that will resemble their feelings. They will let their imagination run wild as they will combine colors and draw whatever goes through their mind. Try edible paint that is safe for your child’s skin and can do no harm if ingested.


Improve your child’s memory with a simple game that will require them to remember what they previously saw. Make some cards with images and each two cards must have the same image, then turn them upside down. Ask the child to flip each card at a time then flip it back and as they advance in flipping, they have to remember where they saw the matching image of each card. This should keep them busy for a while.
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Older children will love learning how to create things with their own hands, so you can easily arouse their interest for the handmade technique. Whether they will design jewelry, clothes for their dolls, home decorations for Christmas, Easter or Halloween, they will surely love discovering how to create new things.