At a closer look at your tap water, you will discover that it’s filled with impurities, some of them really dangerous that can cause many health problems. Therefore, finding a way to improve the quality of your drinking water is the right thing to do in order to protect your health. Below, we reveal three efficient ways to make tap water cleaner, fresher, and safer for drinking.
Efficient Ways to Improve the Quality of Your Drinking Water Picture

Boiling the water can remove some impurities

One of the easiest and more popular methods of making tap water safer for drinking is to boil it in order to remove some of the contaminants that don’t resist to high temperatures. Boil the water in a clean pot and let it cool down before drinking it. As the water boils, some of the bacteria, gases, and germs in the water are evaporated into the steam created so the water remains cleaner. However, this method doesn’t guarantee the removal of solid impurities that aren’t influenced by high temperatures and that remain to the bottom of the pot. For them, you will have a find a better water purifying method.

Filtering the water is a great idea

Given how many impurities tap water contains, a water filter should become an essential appliance in any home. This device can handle up to 99% of the water contaminants that not only make water unpleasant for drinking but also threaten your health. First of all, it can eliminate the bad chlorine odor and taste of the water so your tap water can finally be colorless, odorless, and tasteless. Secondly, it eliminates large impurities like dust, rust, sediment, and dirt coming from the pipes. Thirdly, it manages to remove harmful heavy metals like lead, copper, mercury, and arsenic or minerals like fluoride without tampering with the good calcium and magnesium levels. Water filters can be installed separately on each water tap in your house or you can opt for a more convenient whole house water filter that handles the water coming from the main water pipe.
Efficient Ways to Improve the Quality of Your Drinking Water Picture

Consider a water ionizer

If you have heard about alkaline water and its benefits to your health, you will be interested in learning more about the water ionizer, a device that can make your tap water alkaline. Water ionizers raise the water’s pH level above 7, which is the level of tap water, thus, making it more alkaline. This increased alkalinity makes water healthier as it manages to balance your body’s pH level so you will enjoy a better digestion and oxygenation. A water ionizer can improve the quality of your drinking water by passing it though some electrolysis chambers that add it more ions, resulting in alkaline water.