Building muscles may be the purpose of many people and for doing so, they usually start with an intense weight training. What most of them don’t know, is that for building muscles, the balance is only 20% for weight training and 80% for a proper diet. Therefore, for those who are interested in building muscles, this article will provide information on how they have to introduce in their daily routine a strict diet that includes proteins, carbohydrates, or healthy fats.

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Muscles need proteins in order to be built and all you have to do is to eat more protein than you normally do. As a fact, there are two types of proteins: complete proteins, which come from animal sources and incomplete proteins, which come from plant sources. The first type of proteins has a higher biological value and they will help you grow muscles much faster. Since meat is one of the best sources of proteins, one of the best ways to enjoy it, is to prepare it on a gas grill. Either you like chicken, pork or any other meat, this is the perfect way to include it in your diet. The gas grill is a healthy method to cook meat and it’s also very easy and fast. Along with the meat, other great protein sources are the eggs, dairy products, cheese, fish, soybeans, lentils and so on.
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Carbohydrates are also very important when coming to building muscles as their role is to fuel the body. Eating high carbohydrate foods will give you more energy, and will generate insulin that will help the protein get into the muscle cells. Among the foods that contain carbohydrates, we should mention the rice, potato, beans, bread and so on.
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Healthy fats

A diet that will help you build muscles is a diet that has enough dietary fat. Therefore, you should focus on increasing the intake of essential fatty acids: Omega-3 and Omega-6. They will help you increase the testosterone level, they will prevent the muscle breakdown and they will raise the good cholesterol. Some of the best sources of essential fatty acids are nuts, soybean and fish. Additionally, flaxseed oil is a natural antioxidant, that will aid tired muscles to recover quicker.

Eat frequently

Eating frequently raises your metabolism and this means that your body will burn more calories. Eat every 2 or 3 hours and make sure you maintain your calorie intake, which is absolutely necessary for building muscles.

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Eat whole, unprocessed foods

Try to eat clean foods without artificial additives. Start shopping healthier natural foods and change your current diet to foods that will help your body grow muscles much easier. Don’t forget about fresh fruits and vegetables, they are a great snack that should be included in any diet.