The main reason for going to the gym is always the same for most people. They want to shape their muscles and become more attractive. While some of them want to work their chest, others want to work the abdomen or the arms, but as a fact, a workout routine should always include all the muscle groups. Therefore, you shouldn’t forget to tone and to define the lower body part, namely the legs and glutes muscles. If you want to know which are the best workouts for having more attractive legs, read this article and get to work.
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Barbell Squat

This exercise is one of the best if you want to build up leg muscles. It’s great not only for the lower body but also for the upper one, as it involves many muscles such as the chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders and even the back. In what concerns the leg muscles, besides the glutes, the exercise will also work the quadriceps, calves or thighs. The barbell squat exercise is done by holding a free barbell placed to the back of the neck, while squatting. Although it’s a great exercise that works the glutes, you should be very careful as it puts a lot of pressure to the lower back and you may get injured.

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Dumbbell step ups

To do the dumbbell step ups exercise, you have to place a step in front of you and hold the dumbbells at your sides or in a curl position in front of you. Step up with one foot and bring the other leg up alongside it. Then hold for several seconds and lower the leg back to the floor. After you work one foot switch to the other foot. This exercise is very efficient as it targets the legs and glutes and it also make you boost the metabolism.

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Once in a while, you should include in your workout routine the deadlifts as they work the major muscle groups of the body, including the glutes. Performing these exercises will bring you many other benefits, such as improving grip strength, keeping the heart healthy and burning fats. The first thing you have to do is to attach weights according to your fitness level and then grab the barbell slightly wider than shoulder width length. Keep your back straight and hold the shoulders back. Grip the bar and push the weight up with the feet. Don’t forget to lower the bar in a controlled manner, maintaining your posture.